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make me choose | arctic monkeys or the 1975 | by anonymous

people: watch your language
me: oh shit sorry

Look, whatever you do, don’t name your kid after yourself. He might turn out to be more well known than you and it’ll be very traumatising. We still hadn’t thought up a name in the cab on the way to the hospital. It was just laziness combined with male ego. - Robert Downey Sr.

Robert Downey Jr @ SDCC 2014


Robert Downey Jr. hitting Chris Evans with a hot towel during an interview

walt: *touches jesse's shoulder for 0.2 seconds*
me: what are they

GET TO KNOW ME MEME2/5 favorite actors » Jake Gyllenhaal

"I don’t think my approach to acting is all necessarily in service of the character. I think, selfishly, I’ve put it in service of myself, my perspective on the world and helping my life."

Thanks, but the last time I was in New York I kind of broke Harlem.

No Country For Old Men → Blood/Objects